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Renter under a rental agreement: A rental agreement grants the tenant exclusive ownership rights and is therefore unsuitable for co-use/occupancy. The lease is preferable to licensing in the following circumstances: an all-you-can-eat lease is short from the outset and can be terminated at any time by both parties. An all-you-can-eat lease is often used as an intermediate lease agreement allowing the parties to negotiate the terms of an extended lease and cannot be renewed. Therefore, even if your contract is called a lease (or license), this is not necessary conclusively. It is important to consider the whole agreement (not just the isolated terms) in determining the rights and interests that the parties wanted to create. You may look like the same thing, and you may have heard the terms that are used in a synonymous way. However, a lease and a licence are two separate legal terms that offer different rights and obligations. From the point of view of one of the parties, licensing agreements are generally personal and specific to the current operator and the landowner. Legally, a rental agreement is a set of rights awarded by the landlord to the tenant and incorporated into the land. In comparison, a license gives only a privilege to use the property, which makes this act lawful.

A rental agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that gives the tenant an exclusive interest in a property. A license is the owner`s permission to a licensee to do something on the owner`s property. As with all things related to the law, the distinction is never so simple. A tenant in a tenancy agreement can exclude all others, including the landlord. Intention to do what? Do not label the transaction. Do not escape the legal consequences of a relationship by confessing that it is another. Whether the transaction creates a lease or a license… depends on the nature of the right that the parties intend to have with respect to that country by the person entering the country. On the other hand, the licenses allow the party who accepts the payment to have much more control over the use of its assets. With respect to the example above, licences cannot be transferred to third parties because the licensing company controls certain aspects of your behaviour in the field; Allowing another party to use the property rather than itself would be a violation of that agreement.

This is why licensing agreements are mainly used for short-term contracts with storage, office and small areas. One of the findings of whether the person in possession of the person is a tenant or a licensee is a factual finding.

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