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You agree that your submission of a service offer does not guarantee the creation of a commitment. However, if a commitment is created, you will strive to perform the services necessary for the engagement, so that the services are satisfactory to the customer who created the service request. By accepting your service offer from the customer and creating a commitment, you have entered into a binding legal agreement to make the Service available to the Customer according to the terms of the service request and this contract. You recognize that it is your responsibility to submit service offers only in response to service requests that you can respond to and for which you are qualified, including, but not only, the ability to arrive on time at the place where services are to be provided and to provide services during the desired period. Under the agreement, Valpak will work with Aylesbury Granulation to ensure accreditation costs are covered by NRP purchases, while allowing «access to its considerable experience and expertise.» Please sign below and declare that you have read and understood the agreement and that you return within 7 days to PRN, Inc. PRN ON Demand reserves the right to amend this Contract and Additional Terms at any time (if applicable), as these changes take effect immediately when the amended provisions are made available on the PRN portal or by notifying you directly. You are responsible for the regular review of this agreement and the additional conditions. The continued use of the PRN portal as a result of such a change to this Agreement or Additional Terms constitutes your consent to such changes. PRN ON Demand undertakes not to inform you of any changes to this Agreement or the establishment or changes to additional conditions. This contract expressly replaces any previous agreements or agreements with you that relate to the PRN portal. 16.6 Full agreement. The conditions set out above, as well as all of PRN ON Demand`s additional conditions, conditions, rules and service agreements in the context of all changes in this context, constitute the full agreement between you and PRN ON Demand regarding the PRN portal and related services, and replaces and regulates all proposals, agreements or prior communications between the parties.

The terms of this contract may not be repealed, amended or completed in whole or in part, unless authorized or amended in writing by PRN ON Demand. Valpak has announced an agreement with plastics recycling company Aylesbury Granulation to assist in the accreditation of the Packaging Recovery System (PRN) in exchange for an exclusive delivery of PRN. 8.1 Use and disclosure. From time to time, you may have access to confidential information as part of receiving and posting service requests and/or executing commitments you make through the PRN portal. «For the duration and at any time of the agreement, you agree a) to keep all confidential information in a strict trust and trust; (b) refrain from using or authorizing confidential information in any way or for purposes that are not expressly authorized or prescribed by this Agreement; (c) refrain from disclosing or authorizing confidential information to third parties without obtaining the express written consent of PRN ON Demand or the client on a case-by-case basis; (d) refrain from disclosing or disclosing or disclosing in any way information about PRN ON Demand`s clients or their working and operating methods that are brought to their attention by a commitment; (e) you will not remove copies or documents from a client`s premises under any circumstances; (f) have read and confirmed the HIPAA confidentiality agreement, PRN ON Demand`s privacy policy and all additional policies provided by the client; and (g) You will not disclose or disseminate protected health information («PHI») that you have in connection with a commitment, except as part of the agreement

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